The Changing Room - a physical, interactive and immersive art experience, powered in real time by your emotional and physical data.

In everyday life, we inadvertently radiate an endless combination of subconscious signals, betraying our true feelings through facial expressions and body language.

The Changing Room has been designed to capture these, mirroring them back in visually impactful and unexpected ways (varyingly, through the lens of Change, Sustainability, Reflection, Future); a creative space for endless possibilities, just like its humble, in-store counterpart.

Each day it is open and active, it will produce a collective piece of generative art, which we invite you to explore right here on this site.

The Changing Room is streamlng live from Web Summit, Lisbon from Nov 1st - 4th, 2021
4/11 Future
Neon waves bend and converge based on users real-time data, complimented by a reactive futuristic sound layer to evoke contemplation of a future we still have the chance to define.
3/11 Change
Erratic yet connected particles in contrasting colours react to users' motions in dramatic and provocative ways. Sounds warp and jump with almost disconcerting irregularity, while still feeling within our users control.
3/11 Reflection
Distorted, iridescent and wavelike. This immersive reflection of our users inspires a moment of inflection and encourages all who look inside to contemplate who they are and how they act.
2/11 Sustainability
At once recognisable scenes that remind users of the beauty of our world, upon interaction they morph, distort and breakdown. When users slow down and become calm, the serenity of nature restores.